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Diary of a food lover

There we go, I’m opening today this blog on raw food, with the idea of making it an online diary of my inspirations and experiences with raw food.

I’m no raw food fanatic, only absolutely a food fan who has met raw food and who lets herself be inspired from time to time, more and more often…

So…why not telling you how I came to meet raw food?

First of all, let’s say that I’m a former junk food addict. On bad days, I used to gulp a tremendous amount of sweets, chocolate and other various junk down in less time than it takes to go buy them!

Then life, evolution….has drawn me to change, step by step, naturally, without even thinking of it, the way I eat. Eating organic has been my  first step, in order to take care of my body as I take care of the planet. Eating vegetarian was my second go, at the beginning because I wanted to respect animals, then because my body clearly doesn’t put up with meat anymore! Too heavy, to difficult to digest…after a pice of meat I get almost immediatly stomach aches, bad digestion, troubled sleep…

So I keep on listening to my body and beliefs as well…And I can tell you that being a vegetarian by belief can be great, but if you start dribbling everytime on see a good piece of beef, there’s no use, just eat it!

Well, that’s pretty much it…and then came the day where I had to pick up a raw foodist at the airport, and get with him to a dance week-end I was attending and he was leading. We spent hours talking on raw food, how to prepare it….and I got hooked! I spent the 3 days workshop dancing and making raw meals and desserts for everyone! From then on, even if I don’t eat raw on a daily basis (my 6 years old son won’t ever eat my raw courgette spaghetti, you bet!), I regularly get inspired for a raw dessert or a raw dish, and I’m not the only one to enjoy it!

So…enough talking now! I’m gonna give you the first recipe of this blog: a great, outrageously delicious ice cream with no dairy products and no ice cream maker….the dream of every food lover!!